Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

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    Culinary Arts is an instructional program that prepares individual students in food technology skills and customer relations while maintaining local sanitation codes in a safe working environment. Students will apply computer technology and work with state-of-the-art equipment in the restaurant, kitchen, and bakery areas.

    Culinary Arts focuses on curriculum development and standardized learning with emphasis on performance objectives, a variety of learning activities, and student assessment. Students engage in hands-on learning, related theory, and industry-related field trips driven by industry standards. The goal is to help students become responsible, competent, and productive members of society by incorporating academics, Mathematics, English, and Science. Other areas of focus include technology, employability skills, management and entrepreneurship, as well as career and professional development. Students will prepare for employment and higher educational opportunities so that they can continue to learn about, participate in, and contribute to a changing community and workplace.

    Through the operation of a popular on-site restaurant, as well as the catering of a variety of community functions, students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the trade, such as:

    • Sandwich making
    • Baking
    • Stock, sauce, and soup preparation
    • Salad preparation
    • Meat preparation
    • Seafood fabrications
    • Food cost management
    • Supervisory development
    • Sanitation
    • Nutrition
    • Beverage service
    • Table service
    • Customer relations
    • Dining room operation
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Health and safety
    • Inventory control


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