Yearbook Club


Please note, Assabet does a Fall delivery for their yearbooks.
The 2022 yearbook will ship directly to homes in September of 2022.


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Senior Portraits

Digital format is required. Vertical layout photo preferred.


Your digital file should be saved as LastName_FirstName.jpg.
For example, Brady_Thomas.jpg.

Yearbook Pricing

Back to School Offer
August 30-October 31 = $40
(That is $20 off the full price!) – Also, we will provide free icons with the purchase of a personalized book. That’s $22 worth of icons if they purchase 1 line of personalization for $9. Total possible savings of $44

Holiday Offer
November 1-December 31 = $50
(That is $10 off the full price!)

Winter Offer
January 1-February 29 = $55
(That is $5 off the full price!)

Final Offer
March 1-May 28* = $60

*In order to be guaranteed a yearbook, you must have your order in by May 28th, 2022. After that books will be sold on a first come, first served basis at a price of $75.

Important Dates
Please mark your calendars!

Parent Ads Due 11/30/21

Business Ads Due 11/30/21

Senior Portraits Due1/31/22

Yearbook orders are due 5/28/22

Contact info: 
Advisor: Mr. Whitney, Design & Visual Communications Instructor

Follow us on Instagram for sneak-peeks, due date reminders, and special offers. @assabet_yearbook 
Yearbook Instagram   

Do you like to take pictures? Share your Assabet related photos with the yearbook staff. We may use them in the yearbook!
them or upload them via the ReplayIt! app.

Need a photographer? Try Assabet grad Kelly Samia!

Kelly Samia

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