Co-Op Q&A

How many hours do students work a week in their Co-op jobs?


Students are required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, during their shop week



How do students find a Co-op Placement position?


The Cooperative Placement Programs Supervisor will work with students to help them see if they are qualified and then move them through the Co-op program. This program gives students the benefit of gaining experiences only received in a real-world setting.



Are students paid on Co-op?


Yes, the Cooperative program is paid employment. What the student earns is based on that particular shop and the skills of the student.



When participating in Co-op, does the student have to come into school?


No, the student only attends school on academic weeks; for the other alternating week the student goes to his/her Co-op placement job.



What kinds of grades do you need to have to be qualified for the Cooperative Placement Program?


If a senior is interested in the Cooperative Placement Program, he/she must have a minimum grade of a “C” in all academic courses and must maintain a “B” average in shop. If a junior is interested in Co-op, he/she is eligible after mid-year and has completed a minimum of five trimesters in their program while maintaining a "B" or better in shop and a "C" or better in all academic classes.



How do the students get graded while working in the Cooperative Placement Program?


Students will be graded by their shop teachers who will evaluate their weekly co-op journal and with any employer feedback submitted with their weekly co-op verification. 

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