Students of the Term

Students of the Term
 abigail prior  Abigail Prior

"Abby is a model student in class. She is always on task and asks great questions. She deserves student of the term for her hard work and motivation to always do her best" - Ms. Stouffer
Angel Rivera  Angel Rivera

"Angel is the model cadet for the MCJROTC program!" - Major Bowser
arthur da costa
Arthur Da Costa

"Arthur is a truly educated gentleman. He really cares about what he learns." Ms. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghatak  
 ava booras Ava Booras

Ava is an inspired artistic individual." - Mr. Stockbridge
ben gaston

Ben Gaston

"Ben was a fabulous asset to the health classroom! He came to every class with a positive attitude and always did his best. He is such a hard worker and a great classmate. It was a pleasure to have Ben in class for term 1!" - Mrs. Stuart

Dante Urato

"Dante's persistence in the face of his other challenges and commitments is truly admirable. He deserves the English award this term because of his participation in class, especially his insightful analysis of short stories and poetry. His comments and papers wow his classmates and his teacher. He should be encouraged to continue his growth." - Mrs. Silveira . "Dante has not only risen to the challenge of physics he has also taken it upon himself to help his classmates overcome difficulty. Dante has demonstrated a deep understanding of the material and an incredible amount of patience when assisting his classmates." - Mr. Bartsch
 emily faria Emily Faria 

"Emily consistently works hard at her studies and overcomes challenges along the way." - Ms. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghata
 gabriel chartrand Gabriel Chartrand

"Mr. Chartrand not only does all the work asked of him, he pieces together the information into a complete fabric so that he can anticipate where the holes in his understanding are, and then he *asks the question* so everyone is enriched." - Mr. Tobin
 hemilly gomes Hemilly Gomes

"Hemilly is a great student whose positive attitude is infectious." - Ms. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghatak
jennifer martinez paz
Jennifer Martinez Paz

"Jennifer always comes to class with a smile on her face! She is kind, cooperative and respectful to both her peers and her teachers. Jennifer is also a great participant in any activity that we do. She puts 100% into every class! We are so happy to have her here at Assabet!" - Mrs. Stuart

 jewell croushore Jewell Croushore

"Jewell is such a delight to have in class! She is always smiling and eager to participate! Her hard work and positive spirit are a true inspiration for others!" - Mrs. Stuart
jhefte vieira

Jhefte Vieira

"Jhefte is a wonderful student and an equally wonderful young man." Ms. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghatak
joann rodriguez garcia
Joann Rodriguez Garcia

"Joann is always kind, cooperative and respectful. He is willing to help others at all times in addition to being a great athlete. Joann's positive energy brings so much to the class! He is a wonderful role model!" - Mrs. Stuart
john walsh
John Walsh

"John is an outstanding individual and is going to do excellent in whatever path he goes." - Major Bowser
Kasey Santos
Kasey Santos

   "Not only is Kasey a great student, but she always has the best attitude. Her positive energy is admirable, and class is always enjoyable with her there." - Ms. de Lima
laci brescia
Laci Brescia

"I have had the pleasure of having Laci in my class the past year and a half. Laci is the ideal student who works very hard to achieve almost perfect grades. More importantly Laci is a happy young woman who is a pleasure to have everyday in class. Her energy and willingness to speak in class is unparalleled and makes teaching a joy." - Mr. Sweeney
lianna jennings
Lianna Jennings

  "Lianna is on the path to great things in the MCJROTC program and the school." - Major Bowser
m appleyard
  Mackenzie Appleyard

"Mackenzie Appleyard shows up to class each day willing to learn and put 110% into what she is doing. She is also the kind of student who consistently contributes to class discussions and is willing to help others if needed, which shows kindness and generosity of spirit." - Mrs. Coderre 
 s manganaro   Sophia Manganaro

"Sophia is one of the hardest-working students I've ever had in Honors US History I; she gives 100% effort on every single assignment, and is a wonderful addition to her class!" - Mrs. Lauria
 m monaco  Mason Monaco

"Mason was willing to challenge himself academically this year. He is enrolled in three honors courses (Chemistry, English and History) and is doing fantastic in all three! His positive attitude and good work ethic make him an outstanding student. Keep up the great work Mason!" - Mr. Crory
 r starkey   Robert Starkey

"Robbie has had perfect attendance and works extremely hard each art class. His effort is clearly seen in his creative art projects. He is also a very friendly and respectful student!" - Ms. Gaide
 t healy  Thomas Healy

"Thomas is a leader and pushes himself to be his best." - Mrs. Doane
 t moore  Tim Moore

"Tim always brings a great attitude and determination to class." Mr. Dumphy
 t boucher  Tyler Boucher

"Tyler sets out to make a difference and be a leader." - Major Bowser
 y gonzelez  Yazelyn Gonzelez

"Yazelyn's engagement in class discussions and conversations has made our class a positive and energetic environment. I can always count on her to add to the class discussions in a meaningful and respectful manner. Her passion for the subject matter and overall demeanor often brings the topics covered to life." - Mr. Ghiloni

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