Program Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and stimulating environment and an atmosphere that fosters self-motivated learning. Emphasis is placed on meeting individual needs through developmentally appropriate activities for the ages of the children involved.

  • Children will be exposed to developmentally appropriate activities individually and in small and large groups.
  • Through exploration and discovery in interest and activity centers, children will be stimulated to grow at their own pace with teacher support and guidance.
  • Social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development will be enhanced through unified themes in all curriculum areas.
  • The process is more important than the product in children’s work. Parents can appreciate their child’s work by commenting on colors and other unique characteristics and in allowing children to tell about their work.
  • Children may not always have work to bring home, as they will have been busy in many other activities during the day.
  • It is vitally important that each child feels safe and is allowed to progress at his or her own pace.

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