World Languages

World Languages

Assabet Valley recognizes the importance of offering world languages to its students. We strongly encourage all college-bound students to take a minimum of 2 years of a foreign language. This fulfills the requirement that many college admissions programs are looking for students to have. 


Spanish I, II, and III are offered face-to-face during the regular school day by one of our three certified Spanish teachers. We also offer a variety of other languages through our online Virtual High School and Rosetta Stone Foundations programs:


The ability to communicate with others is of vital importance in the world today. As international business and travel expand, they bring an increased need and opportunity to interact with people from other cultures.

Not only must students develop an ability to communicate with people in a variety of languages, but also they must develop an understanding and appreciation of the variety of cultures in Spanish and other world language-speaking countries to compete in a global society. By teaching world languages, we prepare our students to become productive citizens of our democratic society and of the world.


Rosetta Stone

Virtual High School


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