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Finding the right college is like finding the right pair of shoes: you need to make sure it's a good fit! All colleges have something unique to offer, and you need to prioritize what's most important to you. Be an informed consumer: research colleges, visit the campus, and meet with students. That way, when you apply to schools, you have made an informed decision.

Planning and Preparing

  • College Covered
    Resources covering getting into college, paying for college, campus life, etc.

  • Junior Year College Planning Timeline
    Prepare for your senior year by making the most of your junior year. It's a great time to prepare your list of colleges, take necessary exams, work on your essay, etc without the pressure of having to apply.

  • NCAA Eligibility Center
    Want to play college sports? Creating an account is the first step to becoming an NCAA student-athlete.

  • Senior Year College Application Timeline Enjoy your senior year! But don’t let it get away from you! Make sure to manage your deadlines for applications, stay on track with your grades and avoid senioritis!

Testing/Test Prep Resources

  • ACT Registration


  • Fabmarks ACT, SAT and PSAT Free Practice

  • Khan Academy Free SAT Practice

  • PSAT General Information

  • SAT Registration

Creating a List of Colleges

An important step to the college application process is identifying colleges that fit your goals and interests. There are a variety of resources geared to help you narrow down your list, here are a few to get you started:

  • Big Future - College Search
    Select your filter criteria such as location, housing, academic credit, sports and activities, etc. to create a list of schools that match your criteria.

  • Career Colleges and Technical School Search
    U.S. Department of Education resource designed to help you find career colleges and technical schools that match your interests and goals.

  • Naviance
    This is the online program geared to support students throughout their four years at Assabet as they explore the world of careers. It is also capable of searching and finding colleges that fit your profile.

  • Niche
    Explore rankings, reviews and statistics on U.S. colleges.

Campus Visit Checklist
Check out this list to get an idea of what you should be looking for when you visit campuses.

Application Resources

  • Common App
    Undergraduate college admission application students may use to apply to member colleges.

  • Common App Ready Tool Kit
    Find resources to help you navigate the Common Application tool.

  • Letter of Recommendation & Transcript Request Instructions
    Did a teacher agree to write you a letter of recommendation? Make sure to make the request in Naviance! Did you submit your application? Make sure to request your transcript in order to have a completed application reviewed by the college/university.

State Specific College Info

  • Mass State College/University Requirements
    Review this important information regarding admissions procedures, requirements and incentives.

  • MassTransfer
    Collaboration between the Commonwealth's community colleges, state universities and the University of Massachusetts. System-wide resources and policies allow for students to transfer seamlessly, stay on track and minimize the time it takes to earn a bachelor's degree.

  • New England Board of Higher Education
    The Guide to New England Colleges and Universities lists key data for each college, such as admissions application deadlines and acceptance rates; faculty-student ratio; enrollment totals and breakdowns, etc.

  • New England Tuition Break Program
    NEBHE's Tuition Break program enables thousands of New England residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at a discount. Información de "Tuition Break" en español.

Major Specific Info

My Majors
Resource designed to help you connect with a meaningful college major.

  • Nursing

    • Maryville University - Nursing in the United States
      Website offering information on nursing pathways, regulations, pay rates and more!

    • Nurse.Org
      Guides designed to help you take the next step in your nursing career. 

    • UniversityHQ
      Nursing degree requirements and programs guide.

Frequently Visited
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Additional Resources to Consider
  • Applying to College as an LGBTQ Student   

  • Documento de Ayuda Financiera

  • OnlineU: Guide for LGBT Students

  • LGBTQ Student Scholarship Database from HRC

  • Recursos de Planificación para la Universidad

  • Resources for Undocumented Students Applying to College

  • The Campus Pride Ultimate Queer College Guide

  •  Tuition Break en Español

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