Technical Programs

The technical/academic schedule is constructed on a weekly rotation basis in which students receive technical program instruction one school week and academic instruction the next school week.

During the freshman year, students explore all of Assabet's seventeen technical areas for two hours over the first two weeks of school, called the Mini-Exploratory. Upon completion of the Mini-Exploratory, students select six technical areas to explore further for one week, called Freshman Exploratory. Following the completion of the Freshman Exploratory, students choose the three technical programs they would most desire for permanent technical program placement. Each student is notified of his or her placement in the beginning of January and will remain in that technical area for the remaining 3½ school years of technical program training.

Skills attained by students in their technical programs prepare them to enter the workforce, either through cooperative employment while attending Assabet or immediately upon graduation. Skills attained also better prepare students to enter post-secondary education in areas associated with the technical skills they have attained at Assabet.

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