2016-17 AP Exam Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1) 12pm Psychology 2)12pm Physics 1 3) 8am Eng Lit & Comp 4) 8am US Gov't 5) 8am US HIstory
8) 8am Biology 9) 8am Calculus AB 10) 8am Eng Lang & Comp 11) 12)

All exams take place the first two full weeks of May. Students who are unable to attend an exam for any reason need to meet with Mrs. Weinfurt in advance to discuss taking an alternate exam. There is an extra cost associated with taking a late exam, depending on the circumstances.

Students from other schools or homeschooled students are welcome to take their AP exams at Assabet if we are proctoring the exam (those listed above). Please contact Mrs. Weinfurt in the English Office no later than February 1st for consideration.

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