Students of the Term

Students of the Term
Dante Urato
"Dante is deserving of Student of the Month because he shows up ready to learn everyday, has a positive attitude, and often helps other students with class content. He is a pleasure to have in class." - Mrs. Murphy
 alexa stuka  Alexa Stuka

"Alexa is very deserving of this honor as she is constantly participating in class discussion, pushes her peers in group work and helps to set the academic standard for the class." - Mr. Manning
Amber  Amber Thetonia

"She is the strongest student academically in the class and by far the one who embraces each challenge with tenacity and profound effort always." - Mr. Silk
 ana thomas cruz Ana Thomas Cruz

" Ana is an exceptionally hard worker and someone who strives to put her best foot forward every single day. Her diligence and dedication to her work have accentuated her tremendous growth as a student over her four years here at Assabet. She is an exemplary young woman of character and a truly wonderful person. I am eager to see what her future holds, as I am certain that she will go on to do great things." - Mrs. Robbins 
 astrid camacho Astrid Camacho

Astrid has an infectious positive energy which affects those around her." - Ms. Sussman-Ghatak and Mrs. Labbe

"Astrid is a friendly and kind student, who comes to class prepared and willing to give 100% each and every day. She oftentimes also helps others who may need assistance, and does it with a great attitude. She represents the values Assabet Valley is striving to promote and encourage." - ​Mrs. Coderre 
Ava Matkins

Ava Matkins

"Ava is a very hard working student that is always on task. She walks in to class with a positive attitude, ready to learn and do her best!" - Ms. Stouffer
brittany luciano  Brittany Luciano Ramirez

"Brittany is ambitious, very helpful to others in need and willing to take on challenges." - Ms. Sussman-Ghatak and Mrs. Labbe 
 catherine pollard Catherine Pollard 

"In all of my years of teaching it is rare to come across a student who is as determined and self motivated as Catherine. She has excelled at every challenge that I have thrown her way. Currently holding the highest overall average of any student I have ever taught, I am sure she is going to continue on to do great things." - Mr. Bartsch

"In addition to being one of the strongest academic students in her class, Catherine is positive force that contributes greatly to the learning environment as a whole. She embodies not only the traits of a good student, but also those of a good person. She is an excellent addition to the classroom on a daily basis." - Mr. O'Malley
 ellie valentine Ellie Valentine

"Ellie is deserving of Student of the Month because she is kind, courteous and always puts in her best effort." - Mrs. Murphy 
 jess skavicus Jessica Skavicus

"Jessica has been working diligently in Social Studies this term. She continues to be a positive presence for her peers and is a pleasure to have in class." - Mrs. McCarthy
joe norfleet
Joe Norfleet

"Joe understands the importance of Math and, through his own initiative, has taken the steps to enhance his understanding and become a better student. He is an excellent example of the academic benefit of hard work and perseverance." - Mr. Charron

 julia hache Julia Hache

"I can always rely on Julia to participate and keep the class moving, she is a pleasure to have in class." - Mrs. McCann
max sivert

Maxwell Sivert

"Max is the definition of a pleasure to have in class." - Mr. DeMember
McLain Bergeron
McLain Bergeron

"A quiet consistent creative force." - Mr. Stockbridge
milena lopez
Milena Castaneda Lopez

"Milena has plenty of positive energy which will take her far in leaning and life!" - Ms. Sussman-Ghatak and Mrs. Labbe
Molly flanigan
Molly Flanagan

   "Molly puts a lot of pride into her artwork. She is motivated and advocates for herself whenever she needs help or has a question. She is enthusiastic and a pleasure to have in art class." - Ms. Gaide
monica marooquin
Monica Morales-Marroquin

"Monica is kind and respectful to others, she is always cooperative, and a pleasure to have in class." - Mrs. Forhan
natalia vincte
Nathalye Vicente

  "Nathalye is consistently working hard and does not rush through her art projects. She uses good craftsmanship and focus during each and every class." - Mrs. Gaide
  Omavuaye (Jude) Ighovoyivwi

"Jude is a very bright and inquisitive student. He always strives for the best and never hesitates to ask or answer questions." - Ms. de Lima 
 ryan scott   Ryan Scott

"Ryan is absolutely excelling in Algebra II. Additionally, his humor and wit make us laugh on a daily basis. He is a pleasure to have in class!" - Mrs. Charron 
 Xavier  Xavier Morales

"Xavier is a student who leads with a quiet confidence and a kind heart" -  Mr. Corazzini
 ashley harrington   Ashleigh Harrington

"Ashleigh impresses me every day with her great attitude, leadership, dedication, critical thinking, and high performance in band and honors band. She performed a couple great solos on flute at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival in Boston this past January. Her ability to see beyond herself, and see the big picture, will take her far in whatever she chooses to pursue in life." - Mr. Tenzar

"She is thorough, detailed, and insightful in the work she completes." - Mr. Silk
 jay torres  Juan (Jay) Torres

"Jay is an amazing singer, performer, and student. I appreciate his talent, dedication, and positive attitude in class. He has been a wonderful new addition to the Chorus and Honors Chorus groups this year!" -  Mr. Tenzar

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