Mathematics Selection Process

Incoming Grade 9 Assabet Students & Transfers:

Eligible students are identified using our Study Island (Edmentum) online placement test that is administered each May for incoming 9th-grade students. The test consists of predominantly thirty (30)  Algebra I questions which students are able to take online from their homes. 

Based on the results of the online test, a rank ordered list of eligible students is produced. All the lowest student scores are judged as the most neediest students to be serviced in mathematics and hence are put on a preliminary list of students eligible for Title I services in mathematics. This preliminary list is further refined to keep only the students with either low grades in mathematics in 7 th and 8 th grade or students with a learning disability. Generally the rank-ordered list consists of 45 students as three (3) sections of 15 students each is most manageable for strong teacher-student ratios with small group and individual attention. 

Current Grade 9 Students in Title I Math moving to Grade 10 Title I Math:

Students currently in Grade 9 Title I Math continue with Grade 10 Title I Math or "test out" of the support program. Title I Math teachers rank order students for the next year's class based on the current school year benchmark exam averages. This data along with final core Algebra I final grades, Algebra I final exam grades, and teacher recommendations complete the selection process for Title I Grade 10 Math. 

Current 9th grade and current 10th grade Assabet Students not in Title I Math:

During the first week of academics for both A Week freshmen and B Week sophomores students are given the "Algebra I Pre-Test" or the "Geometry Pre-Test". Students who score in the lowest grouped percentile are placed on a preliminary list for open spots. Those students on that preliminary list get a folder created for them listing their pre-test grades, latest final exam grades, latest final course grades, and MCAS Math history data. Those specific criteria yield an overall rank order list for students to be placed into Title I Grade 9 or 10 Math.

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