Student Parking

Student parking is located at the Fitchburg Street entrance - the first lot on the right. In order to help protect the rights, safety and property of all students and staff, conditions for having cars on school property shall be set and enforced. Everyone MUST obey traffic laws. Those students wishing to gain permission to bring their cars to school must complete a Student Vehicle Registration Application and submit it to the Attendance Clerk, along with a copy of the vehicle's registration. Applications must be signed by a parent/guardian indicating approval and that the vehicle is properly insured. These applications will be kept on file. The school-parking permit must be displayed at all times. Upon arrival at school, students are expected to enter the building promptly.

Please submit completed parking permit applications, with a copy of the vehicle registration via email to:

Once the application has been proceed, Mrs. Sommerville will notify students via school e-mail when the permit is ready to be picked up. 

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