Senior Project

Picture representing Senior Capstone

All seniors must complete the Senior Project in order to qualify for a
diploma from Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.


Statement of Purpose

Students will exhibit mastery of related theory knowledge and practical application of competencies attained in their vocational/technical program.


The Project

The Senior Project is a process incorporating student research with the demonstration of attainment of Vocational/Technical Education Curriculum Framework-based knowledge.  The project consists of two major components:

  1. Written Competency Examination
    The student will complete a Vocational/Technical Education Curriculum Framework-based written exam for his/her technical program.

  2. Practical Competency Examination
    Once the student has successfully completed the Written Competency Examination they must then complete a Practical Competency Examination which is a Vocational/Technical Education Curriculum Framework-based practical application exam for his/her technical program.


Cooperative Employment Student Exemption

To be eligible for this exemption, students must attain Cooperative Employment placement prior to the end of the term one marking period for their Senior Year and maintain employment through term 2.


  1. Written Competency Requirement

    1. The student must submit journals of experiences in the workplace as required through the Cooperative Placement Office.

    2. The student must complete a 2 page minimum reflective essay on employability skills as they relate to the workplace; reflective of their work experience. This is to be submitted to his/her technical teacher.  

  2. Practical Competency Requirement

    1. It is understood that prior to placement on Co-op that students have demonstrated proficiency in their technical program.  Students must maintain a grade of “B” or better in their technical program while on Co-op.

      1. Grading for this portion of the Senior Capstone requirement will be attained directly from successful Cooperative  Employment. 


Advanced Performance Exemption

This exemption is reserved for students who have demonstrated exemplary performance that is directly aligned to the training in their CTE Program and validated through a 3rd Party.

Criterion for Advanced Performance Exemptions will be reviewed annually by CTE program teachers in collaboration with the Program Advisory and validated as currrent and relevant.  

Documentation of this collaboration will be forwarded to the Directory of Technical Programs for approval.


Examples of eligible 3rd Party validation include but are not limited to:

  • Attainment of 1 or more Industry Recognized that are categorized as High Priority/High Demand in the industry

    • Attainment of a Massachusetts State Licensure. i.e. Cosmetology

    • American Welding Society Certification(s)

    • MACWIC Certification(s)


Examples of Exemplary Performance include but are not limited to:


  • SkillsUSA State Gold Medal Winner

    • Directly aligned to CTE curriculum frameworks for the program in which the student is enrolled.

  • Business Professionals of America - 1st Place at the State Level

    • Directly aligned to CTE curriculum frameworks for the program in which the student is enrolled.



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