Co-Op Requirements

Grade Requirements

  To qualify for participation in the Cooperative Placement Program there are several requirements that must be met:


  • Seniors are required to retain a minimum grade of a “C” in all academic courses and must maintain a “B” average in shop.
  • In participating shops, juniors may be eligible to participate in Co-op once they have completed a minimum of five trimesters and after the mid-year of their junior year (usually early February).
  • In order to be eligible, juniors are required to carry a minimum shop grade of a "B" and a “C” average in each academic course for the second trimester progress report.


Attendance Requirements


  • Attendance is a critical part of the Cooperative program.  Any student wishing to participate in Co-op must meet or exceed Assabet Valley’s attendance policy requirements. 
  • Students who exceed the maximum allowance of absences due to illness or uncontrollable circumstances may apply for a waiver through the Cooperative Placement Office.


Employer’s Standards Student's Standards
Employers must follow Massachusetts Child Labor laws and also must pay at a rate similar to those in entry-level positions of their working field.
W2 withholding is required.
The student must be able to provide his/her own transportation to work.
The employer has the opportunity to provide weekly feedback on the students productivity and performance. The student will follow all necessary work safety procedures required by employer.
Employers agree to assist the cooperative students in obtaining trade related skills and knowledge under close supervision by qualified personnel. Students participating in Co-op must maintain all requirements listed; those who fail to follow all requirements will be revoked the privilege of Co-op.
Employers must provide the school with a Certificate of Liability of their Workers Compensation Insurance Policy. Employers of Assabet Valley’s Cooperative program take great notice in their worker’s focus and dedication; therefore, when applying for the Co-op program, students must maintain a professional and mature attitude towards their Cooperative position. Their attitude and actions reflect upon Assabet Valley and will affect future placements.
If for any reason the employer decides to terminate the placement, the employer must notify the school in writing.  



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