Hall of Fame





SECTION 1The purpose of the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor athletes, coaches, individuals, and teams who have made outstanding contributions either to the development of these athletes or to the excellence of the athletic program of

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.




SECTION 2.  Membership in the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame may be conferred upon those graduates or individuals who are nominated and meet the standards set forth in the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame By- Laws created by the Executive Committee.




Membership in the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame will be granted to those nominees who meet the following criteria:


  • Any athlete, coach, significant contributor, or team who has, through their commitment, sacrifice, and dedication, brought pride and distinction through their outstanding participation to the Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School athletic program.

  • The selection committee at those times deemed appropriate may nominate, select, and induct an individual who does not qualify as an alumnus/alumna but who is deemed worthy of induction because of his/her outstanding contribution to Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Athletics.




SECTION 3Selection Committee


  • The purpose of the selection committee shall be to review nominations and select, by ballot, those to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • The selection committee will be limited to 9 members from which a committee chair, secretary, and treasurer will be selected.


  • Members can maintain membership status and voting privileges by attending a minimum of 50% of the scheduled committee meetings from the final selection vote one year to the selection vote the following year.

  • The selection committee may solicit new members in any manner it deems appropriate.


  • Individuals seeking membership on the committee should contact a current member.


  • After being notified, the committee chair will inform the committee of the request in advance of the next scheduled meeting. Contingent upon there being an opening on the committee, the applicant must then receive a 2/3 vote from the quorum present.


  • All Selection Committee members will receive a list of names eligible for Hall of Fame induction at this meeting. The list of eligible nominees will then be considered for induction through the election process.


  • Each year nominations will be accepted by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The timetable for these nominations will be posted in local newspapers with a deadline for acceptance of nominations. The Committee Chairman will convene a meeting once nominations are finalized.


  • The By-Laws of the Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Committee. There must be at least two thirds of the members of the Committee at such a meeting.



SECTION 4. - Nomination Procedures


  • Each year nominations will be accepted by the Hall of Fame selection committee. Nomination forms, dates and deadlines for acceptance of nomination papers will be posted in the local newspapers, Assabet web page, local cable access.


  • The nomination forms of each candidate will be submitted to the selection committee.


  • An established procedure for screening nominations will be determined by the committee.


  • Nominations must be received by the date specified to be considered for the current induction.


  • Once nominees are finalized the committee members will receive a packet of their nomination papers to review.


  • The committee chair will then convene a committee meeting at which nominees will be considered for induction through election process.


  • The Hall of Fame Committee shall take into consideration different eras or time periods in appointing members to the Hall of Fame Committee and in selecting candidates to the Hall.


  • In order to be elected to the Hall of Fame one must receive a majority of the votes of Committee members present at the time of voting.





SECTION 5:  Nomination Instructions-


Certain criteria are required for the application to be accepted and the individual's name placed on the list for consideration. Please read the instructions carefully before completing the nomination forms. 


Completed nomination forms must be submitted by May 1, 2018.



Nominations will not be accepted by e-mail or fax.


1. Complete information on all applicable pages. Be sure to include category of consideration

2. Complete all requested information under the nominated category. Attach any additional information.

3. Include any information you feel is important which may not have been requested.

4. Concentrate on nominee’s Assabet Valley High School achievements.

Return completed application by mail or deliver to:


Aztec Athletic Hall of Fame

Assabet Valley Reg. Tech. High School Athletic Department

215 Fitchburg Street

Marlboro, MA 01752


For more information email: knicalek@aol.com


NOTE: Incomplete applications will be returned


Only those nominations post marked on or before May 1st or personally delivered to the office address by 4:30 PM May 1st will be considered for that year.

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