Game Club

The Game club is a place where students of like interests in leisure games can meet after school twice per month and engage each other in conversation and competition. As part of the club, students are afforded the opportunity to play games in a controlled and monitored environment.

Participants bring their own games and systems or use moderators in a controlled, monitored environment. Although many students choose to play video games, the club also is a forum for the "Magic the Gathering" card game and "Dungeon and Dragons."

Too often, students will return home to the confines of their home to play games over the Internet or with a limited friend network at best. As a result, social growth is slowed due to a lack of connection with the students' peers.

The Game Club is a place where an Assabet community is established and where fun ends the day.

Game Club Schedule:  Game Club Schedule

Advisor: Mr. DeMember, English Department

Location: D208 (Next to the Library)

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