Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy at Assabet Valley is a new and exciting program for students interested in a focused program of studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Assabet Valley has designed a Certificate Program in Engineering/STEM that will:

  • Provide students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum rich in all Engineering/STEM disciplines throughout their four years of high school in both their academic classes and technical programs 
  • Introduce students interested in Engineering to career and college opportunities in Engineering/STEM related fields

We piloted the first group of freshmen Engineering Academy students last year, and have added another group of both freshmen and sophomores in 2016.

For specific curriculum information see the Engineering Academy Overview tab to the right underneath Contents

For more information or questions please contact any member of our Engineering Academy Team:

Rob McCann- Director of Academics

Russ Mangsen- Director of Technical Programs

Ryan McCabe- Freshmen Guidance Counselor

Charles DuPont- Pre-Engineering/Project Lead the Way Instructor 

Bryant Laflamme- Co-op Placement Coordinator

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