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Have you ever wondered ...

  • What would it be like to take an online course?
  • What it would be like working with students from foreign countries?
  • How good are my time management skills?
  • What is distance learning all about?
  • Can I handle a course without face-to-face instruction?

Now is your chance to find out answers to these questions and many more!

Assabet Valley continues to follow its mission to bring the best learning experiences to our students by offering the Virtual High School program. This is a free opportunity for students to take online classes that are not offered within the school building. As a fully participating school, you have access to hundreds of online AP, core, and elective courses.

Whether you want to get a jump start on college, experiment with your intended major, learn more about a subject of interest, or need to resolve a scheduling problem, VHS has classes for credit to suit your needs. Each course transforms the in-person class experience to online, and you will be able to interact with students in other states and countries.

If you would like more information regarding this rewarding and enriching program, please visit the VHS webpage or see our site coordinator, Mrs. Monaco (

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