2016 Engineering Academy Induction

A new group of engineering students were inducted into the Engineering Academy at Assabet Valley, and were treated to a celebratory luncheon in the school’s Epicurean Restaurant. The Engineering Academy is a Certificate Program in Engineering/STEM that is open to students from every technical program. The purpose of this new program is to provide students with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum rich in all Engineering/STEM disciplinesthroughout their four years of high school in both their academic classes and technical programs, as well as to introduce students interested in Engineering to career and college opportunities in Engineering/STEMrelated fields.

Director of Academics, Robert McCann III, gave the students an overview of some of the things they could expect to see and do over the next few years, while Principal Mark Hollick and Director of Technical Programs, Russ Mangsen, congratulated these students on challenging themselves to reach new goals. Engineering instructors Bryant LaFlamme and Chuck DuPont also spoke to the students about the rewarding careers that lie ahead of them, and DuPont also gave them some details an upcoming trip to MIT.

The students Grade 9 students inducted this year are the following: Alexander MacConnell and Craig MacConnell, from Boylston; Brandon Black, Justin Newton, Benjamin Pierce and Elizabeth Valentine, from Clinton; Ryan Davis and Nicholas Shurling from Hudson; Lila Rule, from Marlborough; Cameron McLaughlin and Benjamin Mikitarian from Northborough; Jared Davis from Shrewsbury; Ryan O’Connor from West Boylston; and Isaac Wagner from Maynard. The Grade 10 students who were inducted this year are as follows: Hannah Belan from Dudley; Joe DeGaetano from Leicester; Isabelle Furbino and Mateus Jota-daSilva from Marlborough; and Ben Dorr from Rochdale.

Group shot of inductees

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