Dress Code

By reason of the fact that Assabet Valley is a vocational school, many students come in contact with the general public through a wide variety of programs at school. In general, students have the responsibility to present a neat, clean, and non-offensive appearance. The torso must be covered, shorts must have a minimum of a 5” inseam and skirts must be mid-thigh, and no bare feet are allowed. Hats are not allowed to be worn in the building during the school day except as part of a shop uniform. Shops may impose additional restrictions on required dress for safety and health reasons.
Individual attire that is disruptive to the educational process or causes distraction to others will not be tolerated. The following items are not to be worn at Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School:

  1. Any clothing which displays tobacco or alcohol advertising, profanity, racial slurs,
  2. disruptive images or words, drug or gang related symbols
  3. Clothing or accessories that display offensive images or words that would be considered socially, culturally, or ethnically inappropriate and disrupt the educational process
  4. Shirts that are unbuttoned revealing the chest/stomach
  5. Sheer fabrics that can be seen through
  6. Clothing that reveals undergarments or skin
  7. Tube tops, halter tops and backless shirts and dresses
  8. Clothing that is excessively frayed or torn revealing undergarments
  9. Sweatbands, bandannas, doo-rags, sun glasses, hats, hoods, or visors

Students who violate this policy could be subject to the following discipline action: Change of clothes, Administrative Detentions, parental conferences, Saturday School, loss of school privileges, or suspension.

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